Who Can Submit a Presentation

Any person or group of persons, regardless of affiliation with a secondary school, college, university, or professional school, can submit to GPACC.

Examples: Students, activists, faculty, administrators, LGBTQ community leaders

Types of Submissions Accepted

•Panels: Groups of 3-5 people discussing a specific issue or set of issues and answering questions from the audience.
•Roundtable: A facilitated discussion led by 1-2 people.
•Talks: 1-3 people presenting a paper, research, workshop, or sharing a personal experience.
Submission Criteria

All submissions should meet the following criteria:

  1. Address and complement the conference theme
  2. Fall under one or more of the following goals/outcomes:
    Goal 1: Communicates strategies for policy change
    Goal 2: Identifies an area of need
    Goal 3: Provides strategies for LGBTQ+ student success
    Goal 4: Educates about LGBTQ+ issues or identities

Review Process and Submission Deadline

All submissions will be reviewed by the GPACC committee. Committee decisions will be communicated by October 6, 2017.

Submission Deadline

A 250 word proposal should be submitted to GPACC through the online submission form no later than 11:59pm CDT on Saturday, September 30, 2017.